Made in Egypt with Love ❥

ELIA "إليَّ " is an Egyptian footwear brand designed by Amira Motawea, founded in August 2015. It all started as a hobby powered by love, unraveling the hidden talent driven entirely by passion for fabrication, innovation and design. Each design is the product of a creative process where YOU are the essential element. Egyptians are masters behind this craft. That's the reason why we embarked on a journey of discovery all over Egypt, in search of best factories, offering the highest quality leather products. We spent lengthy days and months in such factories surrounded by the top-notch craftsmen, learning their hidden tricks and secrets of this beautiful art of shoe-making.
Our main aim is to revive the Egyptian traditional handicrafts like Makramya and Taly through product innovation. ELIA revives and preserves the traditional handicrafts, which are of substantial importance to Egyptian culture and local heritage by providing job opportunities for those craftsmen, enabling peasants and women to find employment in their rural and remote communities and empowering them to enhance their social status. We also focus on environmental sustainability, we use recycled materials to make wearable and modern pieces, this raises consumers’ awareness to conserve natural resources and resort to recycling strategies whenever possible. Each pair recycles 14 plastic bags by the hands of 3 craftsmen.
The first shoe we ever designed was the Pharaonic inspired sandal. The originality of the name was inspired by the Egyptian culture and history, making it personal which was our main drive to have an Egyptian brand labeled as • E L I A "إليَّ " • which means “Mine”.
Our passion is to always search for new sources of inspiration and innovation that shape our very unique designs. Bringing you • E L I A "إليَّ " • footwear, made using only the rich goodness of our mother land; genuine leather fabricated by the most skilled Egyptian hands. To provide a one-of-a-kind piece; true to nature, true to Egypt, and true to you.